All You Need To Know About Brow Mapping By A Brow Expert

by beauty expert Katey Kristabelle 

illustration of brow mapping

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What Is Brow Mapping?

Eyebrow mapping is a shaping technique that uses the golden ratio for facial proportions to help achieve symmetry and sculpt the most flattering shape for your brows. It helps to harmonize the rest of your facial features.

The “golden ratio” is the mathematical ratio of 1.618 to 1 and is the ideal visual harmony and balance found in nature and architecture. The most ‘perfect brows’ follow the golden ratio rule.

The brow mapping TikTok filter is making everyone realize they have been shaping their brows wrong all along – but you don’t need a filter to master the art of mapping or shock yourself to find out how uneven your brows originally were. Keep reading below to learn how to create symmetrical brows with your ArteStile Brow Tools.

Benefits of Brow Mapping:

- Helps achieve brow symmetry

- Improves ability to plan the shape of your brows before hair removal

- Helps with makeup application

girl with brow mapping shape on eyebrows

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How to Prepare for Brow Mapping

Grow your brows out as much as possible before heading in for your any brow appointments like waxing, lamination or microblading. Even while doing your DIY brows at home, bow mapping helps you visualize the possibilities of different shapes and styles while working with what hairs you have!

Brow Mapping Cheat Sheet

A General rule for brow mapping is to use your own features such as your eyes and nose to guide your brow measurements. Take a straight stick, like your brow pencil or spoolie, and measure from the inner nostril contour up towards your brow. Mark the spot with a makeup pencil, this will guide you to where your brows should begin.

Next you will tilt your guiding stick on a 45 degree angle, holding from the same spot at the inner nostril, through the iris of the eye. This will show you where the highest peak, or arch of your brows should ideally be.

Lastly you’ll move the stick to the outer nostril and rest at the outer corner of the eye, this is where your brows should end.

illustration showing guidelines from nose to eyebrow where brows should start, arch and end

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At-Home VS. Professional Brow Mapping

A professional will be trained in different brow and face shapes and have an unbiased perspective on the best shape to compliment your features. Microblading artists might even use a brow ruler to map the brows out to an exact point! At-home mapping is wonderful for maintenance and is helpful to know for makeup application and self-tweezing.

How Often Should You Have Your Brows Mapped?

Brow mapping should be done whenever you feel you need to achieve better symmetry— and before tweezing and shaping your brows with your Artestile Brow Tweezers

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