Meet The ArteStile Team. Sisters. Best Friends. Business Partners.
Two Sisters With a Love of All Things Beauty. We are two sisters, Jennifer Di Paolo & Daniela Di Paolo, who are completely different in so many ways except for our love of all things beauty! A few years ago, we started working at our family beauty business, one that supplied beauty products (including beauty implements) to spas and boutiques. While working there, we noticed that when it came to beauty tools, there were two types on the market - cheap, low quality tools that would stop working after a few uses or higher quality tools that were unaffordable to the average consumer. With that in mind, we set out to create a beauty tool brand that focused on providing the best quality tools at an affordable price point and just like that, ArteStile was born!
Why Are Our Tools Made In Italy? From a young age we fell in love with Italian culture while travelling there to visit our family in the summertime. When we set out to start ArteStile, we knew there was no better place to create our tools than a country that understands the importance of old world craftsmanship, tradition, and finding beauty in every day life. From the beginning, we decided to work with other small family businesses and artisans that have been creating beauty tools using old world techniques for generations. These techniques play a major part in why our tools are such high quality. As All ArteStile tools are individually handcrafted, each tool is given a high attention to detail, ensuring that it upholds the highest standards of quality.