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How To Pick The Right Pair Of Tweezers For You

(by Brenna Larouche)
Have you ever worked up a sweat wrestling with your brow hairs? Ever wished there was a comprehensive guide on how to pick the best eyebrow tweezers for your precious brows? Fret no longer! Whether you’re new to doing your brows or basically a pro at this point - picking the best tweezers for the job is very important… and here is how to do it.

Here’s a Tip - Look at the Tip!

A pair of black tweezers on a marble background.
The tweezer tip is a crucial part in tweezer function because it grabs the hairs - allowing you to achieve perfect brows! The first thing you should look at is the shape of the tip. Depending on your needs, the shape of the tip can help you achieve your desired goals. Tweezers with a slanted tip are great for general tweezing - maintaining your beautiful brows and generally keeping them in check. Slanted-tip tweezers can also grasp multiple hairs at once if you’re in a rush! Precision tweezers with a pointed tip are the best tweezers for fine hairs or ingrown hairs (or splinters!). You can really create a perfect shape when you use a pointed tip to get all those tiny stubborn hairs. Once you know the shape of the tip that best suits your needs, consider the quality of the tip. At ArteStile, our tweezer tips are hand-filed to ensure the best quality and precision possible so that maintaining your brows is simple! You can shop our tweezers here.

Take a Look - What’s it Made of?

It is important to consider what material the tweezers are made out of. Along with hand-filed tips, ArteStile tweezers are made of surgical-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is the ideal material for tweezers as it is high-quality, can be used on all skin types, and is 100% recyclable! Stainless steel is also durable, so you don’t have to plan on purchasing a new pair of tweezers every six months. If you want the best for your brows, choosing quality materials in your tweezers is a must. Pro tip: if you want your tweezers to last even longer, store them by themselves in a protective case and sanitize them often!

Feeling Tense? Look at the Tension!

woman in front of mirror tweezing her brows
Have you ever brought home tweezers that don’t seem to grab your hair? Ever spent way longer than you have to sweating in front of a mirror, praying that you’ll be ready on time? If you want tweezers that actually work, make sure the tweezers you choose have a good tension. A good tension will allow the tweezers to grasp your hairs tightly, making it easier for you to pluck it from the follicle. 

Where Are You Purchasing From?

Choosing to purchase your tweezers from a small business can make a world of a difference. Not only are you directly benefiting someone, you also are purchasing from someone who cares about you and the products you receive. When you purchase from ArteStile, you are supporting two sisters who love their work and are passionate about beauty tools - along with a driven social media manager and two amazing interns!
So let’s recap… if you want the best for your brows, invest in tweezers that are high-quality, stainless steel, and have a good tension. Make sure to pick the tip that best suits your needs and you’re set! Now nothing can stop you from crushing your brow routine.
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