Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Springtime is here and it usually calls for a thorough cleaning of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and all other rooms in your home. We wanted to share with you the other important things to spring clean when it comes to your beauty routine. These 5 categories will help you achieve your goals when it comes to personal care and wellness.


Analyze your skin concerns and filter out your current skincare products. Keep the products that are working and throw out what’s not working. Skin changes throughout different seasons, environment and age. Questions to ask yourself are: Do you have products that help nourish and protect your skin for your current lifestyle? Are you happy with your skincare routine? What are some things you can DIY and what are some things you want to invest in?


Toss out your makeup that has been collecting dust. Check the expiration dates of your products. Transition into clean beauty as your budget allows it. Continue to use up your current products until you can switch them out. Always recycle the packaging as much as possible. Create a list or notes where you can keep track of your beauty inventory - when did you buy it, when will it expire. It helps you know how often and how long you use a product.


Skin makes up 90% of our body. It protects us from pollution, environment, etc. Check the ingredients of your products and what you eat, especially if you have a skin condition. Looking closely at the products that you are using can make or break your journey to clearer skin. Furthermore, clean beauty doesn’t start with the products you put on yourself, it starts with what you put IN, so it’s also important to look at what you eat daily. Feel free to keep a food journal to list down what you eat and how it affects your body.

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Find out the natural texture of your hair and work your way into keeping your locks healthy and strong. More than half of the population does not know their natural texture. Some people never knew that their real hair is curly and vice versa. A good way to indicate your natural hair texture is by looking at your parents’ hair and your baby pictures. Air dry your hair and see what concerns you would like to take care of. Sometimes less is more when it comes to products, treatments (whether chemical or nourishing), and styling.  


We may not really think about it, but our hands are the most used in almost everything that we do. Pretty much, the different parts of our hands are important in our everyday lives. Keeping our nails clean and groomed prevents us from spreading viruses, germs, bacteria and all sorts to our mucus chambers. Also, polished nails tend to always give us that extra confident boost. Invest in high-quality premium-grade stainless steel tools that will last you a lifetime.

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