The Best Way To Trim Your Brows At Home: A Step By Step Guide By A Brow Artist

by beauty expert Katey Kristabelle

woman trimming her brows

The key to perfect brows - is a perfect trim and this is something you can achieve at home. After mastering tweezing those brow hairs into shape with your ArteStile tweezers it's time for the most important step that tends to get overlooked: eyebrow trimming.

Trimming your brows might seem intimidating, and if you overthink it, things can go south fast but with a little bit of guidance, this process can easily be the extra touch that finally brings your brows to the next level.

Firstly, it is super easy to overly trim and primp your eyebrows. To avoid overdoing it, you’ll want to trim eyebrows slowly, often taking a step back from the mirror to assess how they’re looking.

You’ll also want to avoid using a magnifying mirror, these mirrors make it hard to see the whole perspective of your brow balance.

Here’s a complete beginner-friendly tutorial for trimming your brows

girl holding tweezers and scissors

What You’ll Need

Before you start snipping, there are a few other tools you'll need.

A Spoolie

If you've never heard of a spoolie brush before, it's a beauty tool that looks like a mascara brush without any product on it. It's used as a sort of tiny comb for your eyebrow hairs to make sure none of them go against the grain (aka go in the wrong direction).

hand holding brow scissors

Brow Scissors

Do not (we repeat, do not!) use just any scissors to trim your eyebrows. As a brow artist, the ArteStile Brow Scissors are perfectly aligned, sharp and give me a precise trim every time I'm delicately dusting the ends of the brow hairs and creating a balanced shape.

hand picking up tweezers


It's never a bad idea to have a pair of tweezers handy when doing any kind of eyebrow grooming. You can use tweezers to clean up any stray hairs before you start trimming. Choose between ArteStile’s slanted or pointed tip brow tweezers.

woman holding brow scissor and tweezer

How to Trim Your Eyebrows, Step-by-Step

Now that you have all your tools ready, Here are the three easy steps to follow to trim your way to a perfect brow below:

Step 1: Brush Up

Using your spoolie, softly brush your brows up and out. You want to make sure you brush them in the direction of your hair growth to avoid accidentally creating gaps and holes. The eyebrow hairs closest to the inner corner of your eye will likely grow straight up. The rest will likely grow closer to a 45-degree angle. Be sure to comb gently so that you really only brush the top layer of hair. Release the hairs before trimming, pressing and holding down the hairs can result in unexpected gaps when trimming because when you release and relax the brow, they will sit naturally and can be shorter than you thought.

Step 2: Start Trimming

Start trimming the long hairs that stick out over the natural brow that are more noticeable. Using your eyebrow trimming scissors, gently trim those hairs so that they end at the top of the brow line. Snip and trim slowly, and only a little bit at a time. When it comes to brows, less is always more.

Step 3: Fill in Sparse Spots

Once you've finished brow trimming, dust any trimmed hairs away and enhance your brow makeover with a little makeup. A brow powder or pencil can help balance out any uneven areas of the brow and using a gel can keep those perfectly groomed hairs locked in place.

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