The Absolute Best Tweezers: Why You Need Precision Tweezers In Your Beauty Tool Collection

The Absolute Best Tweezers: Why You Need Precision Tweezers In Your Beauty Tool Collection

by beauty expert Katey Kristabelle

the best tweezers for ingrown hairs or fine facial hair

Whether you're wondering what type of tweezers are best for general tweezing, or what tweezers beauty professionals use, a good quality pair of precision tweezers is always the answer. As an eyebrow stylist, there is nothing more heart breaking than when someone lays back to get their eyebrows done and they have a full 5’o’clock brow shadow going on from tweezing incorrectly at home (yes your eyebrow lady can always tell so there is no point in trying to lie). Those little nubs that get left behind from amateur tweezing are partly from incorrect technique. I think DIY tweezing became so taboo because everyone was walking around with these little dots of broken hairs and it didn’t look clean. But it wasn’t the act of tweezing that was to blame, it was also the tweezers. Low quality tweezers that are blunt without grip will just snap your hairs in half without pulling them from the root.

ArteStile tweezers are the only tweezers I’ve been using on my clients for years.These tweezers grab the unwanted hairs at the first attempt, are durable, and keep their original performance for a very long time. ArteStile tweezers are sharpened and crafted to perfection with perfectly aligned tips. They’re truly worth every penny and made of high quality stainless steel ideal for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.

Whether you’re a lash artist, facialist, waxer, makeup artist, or microblading/pmu tech, having good tweezers in your tool kit is essential for when you need to clean up your client for a service or take detailed photos and videos.

ArteStile offers 2 types of tweezers:

Point Tip Tweezers:

Pointed tip tweezers are ideal for precision tweezing, pulling out individual fine, tiny or ingrown hairs. These tweezers require good hand-eye coordination and a steady hand and deliver professional detailed results. Shop ArteStile Point Tip Tweezers here. 

Slant Tip Tweezers:

Slanted tip tweezers are the most common and versatile tweezer style. Compared to a point tip tweezer, slant tip gives you more speed with just a little less pinpointed accuracy. Slanted tweezers are easier for beginners and allow you to “search and pull” through the hairs, using the flat edge to sweep and navigate through hairs, or even pull out more than one at a time. Shop ArteStile Slant Tip Tweezers here. 

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