Why You Should Opt For High-Quality Beauty Tools

Why You Should Opt For High-Quality Beauty Tools

You’d never brush your teeth with just your fingers, so why are you using non-effective, unsanitary beauty tools on your skin? According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) each inch of skin is made up of 19 million skin cells, 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, and 1,000 nerve endings. So it goes without saying that your skin is incredibly sensitive and should be treated with extreme care. 

At ArteStile we believe that beauty tools are just as important as skin care and should be held to the same standards. We care about ensuring every customer has the best quality tools and that is why each ArteStile tool is handcrafted using the finest stainless steel ensuring professional quality and long-lasting performance.

Product Guide:

Our product guide will demonstrate the ArteStile difference, and show you how to use these tools to enhance your beauty routine!


Point-Tip Tweezers:

ArteStile Point Tip Tweezers are handcrafted in Italy of the finest stainless steel for optimum precision and durability. Our tweezers feature perfectly aligned, hand filed tips to achieve an expert tweeze every time.

Our Point Tip Tweezers work on ingrown hairs flawlessly because they offer the most precise hair removal so you don’t have to pick which creates irritation.

Slant-Tip Tweezers:

Our tweezers are crafted with a hand-filed tip and perfectly calibrated tension to get an expert tweeze every time. Skilled craftspeople file each tip by hand to ensure every tweezer is precise and can grip every hair.


Straight Scissors:

Our Straight Scissors have a thin, straight blade to precisely trim brows, beard and moustache hair. The handles have a sleek, ergonomic design which offers a comfortable grip. They make a perfect addition to the ArteStile Slant Tip and Point Tip tweezers for all your grooming needs. 

Nail Scissors:

Our Nail Scissors are ergonomically designed for comfort and precision. The curve blades of the Nail Scissors are hand filed and aligned to ensure accuracy and easy cutting of nails.


Double Loop Comedone Extractor:

Our Best Selling ArteStile Double Loop Comedone Extractor is made of high-quality stainless steel making it easy to sanitize and perfect for all skin types.

The ArteStile Double Loop Comedone Extractor features a textured handle for optimum control. The thinner loop is for gently extracting whiteheads and the thicker flat side is for extracting blackheads.


Eyelash Curler:

Achieve a perfect curl that lasts all day for even the straightest of lashes with the ArteStile Eyelash Curler. Our curler is ideal for all eye shapes and features a rubber eye pad so you won't get any pinching or harsh curl lines.

Bonus: ArteStile Eyelash Curlers include an extra rubber eye pad for replacement


Nail and Toenail Clippers:

ArteStile Nail Clippers + Toenail Clippers are handcrafted in Italy of the finest grade stainless steel for lasting performance. The sharp and precise blades of the Toenail and Nail Clippers ensure an easy clean cut without nail breakage.

The Bottom Line.

Our policy has always been to uphold the highest standards, this is why our products are crafted in Italy. When you purchase an ArteSti le implement you can be sure we have remained true to this policy.

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